Welcome to Transbar

Transbar Middle East LLC is a regional trading firm that specializes in the sale of electrical products (Busbar risers, Ring main units, Transformers and the like). The company is based in UAE and has operations across the Middle East and and India.

The company specializes in providing busbar solutions. Our engineering department offers complete and comprehensive assistance to integrated projects that include but are not limited to visits to site (verification and optimization of busbar trunking systems), development of the project with studies of the connection to the electrical devices (switchboard, transformers, generators etc) and the list of the components

Busbar Risers

Busbar risers have evolved as the natural choice over cable for electrical system designers. Apart from the obvious benefit of low voltage drop, busbar risers makes the system flexible, reusable and expandable while improving the efficiency. Engaging only half he man hours required for conventional installation, busbar systems also provide considerable savings through ensuring zero shutdowns

Ring main units

Ring main units have evolved from their original application as simple MV/LV transformer tee-off points into a much move versatile tool. The key development has been the introduction of low-cost SF/sub 6/ rotating arc circuit breakers with integral earth and testing, as well as advances in communication and control technologies. Further improvements in network security and availability can be achieved by applying the RMU circuit breaker as a sectionalising point.


late 1800's witnessed the invention of the first 3 phase transformer. commercial power transmission with alternating current used to be a distant dream till then. The first half of 20th century limited major interventions to the first self cooling transformers, but the second half was one of major innovations. Such was the progress in technology that a voltage rating of 1000kV and a three phase rating in excess of 1000 MVA no longer sounded surprising...